McMurray Metis Leadership Changes
Feb 22, 2018 6:00 AM

The McMurray Metis announce that Leonard Hansen, Senoir has been elected to the Board of Directors. The vacancy occurred when Bill Loutitt stepped down from the Board after being chosen as the full-term Chief Executive Officer, a role that he has been acting in for 8 months. Current board member Peter Hansen, has been elected as the new Vice President.


Current Board of Directors:

President                                        Gail Gallupe

Vice President                              Peter Hansen

Secretary                                        Trudie-Ann Plamondon

Treasurer                                        Cindy Punko

Director                                           Harvey Sykes

Director                                           Kelly Myers

Director                                           Leonard Hansen


“It’s a great pleasure being elected to the McMurray Metis Board of Directors. I have always been active in the Fort McMurray Metis community and serving in this capacity is an honor.”

-Leonard Hansen, Director, McMurray Metis.


“This is an exciting time for the McMurray Metis and we have a very busy agenda in the months ahead. With great enthusiasm I step into my new position as Vice President.”

-Peter Hansen, Director, McMurray Metis.


“2018 is going to be an historic year for the McMurray Metis. We are working on goals that will ensure success for the next generation of Wood Buffalo Metis leaders. I will continue in the role of CEO with the same determination and energy that I always have for the Local.”

-Bill Loutitt, Chief Executive Officer of McMurray Metis.

2018: Year of the McMurray Metis.



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Corey Hobbs

Communications Manager