Métis Annual General Assembly Adopts Motion to Support Trans Mountain Pipeline
Aug 13, 2018 6:00 AM

At the Métis Nation of Alberta’s 90th General Assembly yesterday, delegates voted in favor of a resolution supporting the Trans Mountain Pipeline which also included a component for Indigenous ownership and equity.

The McMurray Métis and the Métis Nation of Alberta united on the motion, with McMurray Métis CEO Bill Loutitt moving the resolution and it was seconded by Métis Nation of Alberta’s Karen Collins, President of Region 2.  

“The McMurray Métis has already participated in various meetings with provincial and federal government officials highlighting the need for Indigenous ownership and equity. With the adoption of this motion by the Métis Nation of Alberta it will only strengthen our position during negotiations in the months ahead.”

- Bill Loutitt, CEO McMurray Métis.

“The Métis of Alberta are working together to provide a better future for our children and grandchildren. Solid economic investment, including pipelines like the Trans Mountain is the right way to go. I was very pleased by the strong show of support for this resolution at the Assembly.”

- Audrey Poitras, President, Métis Nation of Alberta.  


Motion Adopted

WHEREAS the Trans Mountain Pipeline has been approved by the Government of Canada, and

WHEREAS the Government of Alberta is fully supportive of the Trans Mountain Pipeline proceeding as planned, and

WHEREAS both levels of government are supportive of Indigenous Peoples participation in an equity/ownership initiative, and

WHEREAS the Métis Nation of Alberta has already participated at a gathering of officials in Ottawa that focused on the support for the Trans Mountain Pipeline

WHEREAS the Métis Nation of Alberta continues to grow and actively seek opportunities for Métis citizens to prosper,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Métis Nation of Alberta support the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Indigenous content of ownership, business and community benefits of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Métis Nation of Alberta explore and seek means for the MNA to be a participating partner in the ownership initiative for Indigenous peoples.

Moved by Bill Loutitt

Seconded by Karen Collins

Approved by Delegates.  


2018: Year of the McMurray Métis.




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Corey Hobbs

Communications Manager